Why Buffalo?

Buffalo is quickly becoming recognized as a healthier choice than beef. Buffalo meat has less fat than beef, chicken, pork, veal, lamb and even sockeye salmon. It also has fewer calories per serving than all of the above. With 40% more protein than beef, you can eat smaller portions and still be satisfied. In addition, buffalo has significantly lower levels of fat, so you don’t need to trim off large portions before cooking.

Buffalo meat is a nutritionally superior red meat. Lost Creek Buffalo are raised naturally without growth hormones, steroids, drugs or chemical residue. Buffalo meat is extremely low in fat with 1/3 less fat than beef. A single serving of buffalo provides much of your daily protein, iron and zinc requirements, plus most of the antioxidant selenium your body needs each day. Besides all of the above that makes buffalo the perfect red meat, it is extremely delicious and tasty.